carpA python graphical and terminal EncFS front-endÉtienne Deparis3 months
cgit_menusA redmine module, which allow one to display links to an external cgit instance ...Étienne Deparis9 months
el-monokai-themeThis project is a continuation of previous work by @lvillani on githubÉtienne Deparis13 months
emacs.dMy .emacs.d config files, following a literate programming approachÉtienne Deparis8 days
eshelfA lightweight ebook reader collection file editor, written in python3Étienne Deparis10 months
latex-awesomeboxA package to draw attention boxes in your documents, illustrated with FontAwesom...Étienne Deparis5 weeks
nerudaA simplistic way to publish a book onlineÉtienne Deparis6 months
shell_utilsA bunch of shell alias to ease day to day lifeÉtienne Deparis4 days
simple_hintingA Firefox web-extension, which eases keyboard browsing through links hintingÉtienne Deparis6 days
ttydmA linux console greeter.Étienne Deparis9 months
unshortenA little sinatra app, which provides a way to expand short linksÉtienne Deparis5 days
utclatexVarious latex templates for the Université de Technologie de CompiègneÉtienne Deparis16 months
xpost2mastoCross post various messages to mastodonÉtienne Deparis10 months
pkgbuildsSource files of the different Archlinux packages I maintain.Étienne Deparis14 hours
password-storeFork of pass with fuzzy matching in show commandÉtienne Deparis6 weeks